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We know you are short of money, We know you would rather spend the move money on something else and We know you want a cheap student move, here’s how….

How to obtain the cheapest move possible, one word, ORGANISATION, time = money……Have everything boxed in sealed boxes, try to have nothing protruding out the top (this makes carrying multiple boxes and stacking very difficult taking more time…costing more money.

Friends! Gather as many friends as possible to help move everything to a ground floor or all in one place as near the door as possible ready for the van, saving time….saving money

Storage! Shop around and ask for deals, there are several firms who offer discounted student storage. Make sure you book, pay and sign all the paperwork before turning up with the van as it can take up to an hour to sort out the paperwork if they are busy and .... time = money.

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We carry out 100s of student moves so If you need any advice about your student move, email us or visit ourcontact Bournemouth student moves and we will be happy to try and answer any questions you may have. For your free student move quote visit our inventory page.

Free student move quote

For your free student move quote visit our inventory page for your free student move quotation.

Time = Money

Friends = less time = less money