Removals advice

Dont Panic!

But please get organised with the packing, do not leave it until the day before or... as a few people do, the day of the move. The one most stressful part of moving day for the customer and for us is trying to finish off the packing on the morning of the move, removals advice, it doesn't work.



Living Room

You do still tend to use this room and the items in it the most so be a little conservative here, if you pack the remote too early there could be a riot.

Removals advice:

BOOKS, Please do not pack huge boxes or bags with books, if you cant lift them neither can we. Pack away or throw away the books and mags you are not using now or better still….buy a Kindle!

ORNAMENTS/PICTURES, personal choice but about a week before I would take all pictures down and all ornaments and pack them, it does make the room a little bland so personal choice.

Everything else in the living room leave until the day or night before. Dont stress yourself out by not having a tv to watch or a pc to use.

LAMPS, Any standing lamps, side lamps with glass bowels/shades please remove the glass and the shades to any lamps if not boxed, for obvious reasons.

Removals advice: Kitchen

If you box up and label well you can always get out anything you need in an emergency but you can save hours by boxing up the stuff you dont use on a daily basis.

ELECTRICAL GADGETS, Everybody has a load of electrical items you hardly ever use, if at all anymore, Breville sandwich maker, the food mixer you bought after watching a bake off special and thought “Ill bake a cake” and realised it costs £15 to make the damm thing and £2 to buy one, that coffee maker that has scaled up and takes up half the work surface and tastes nothing like a Costa,…PACK or better still bin them now.

CROCKERY, 4 people living in the house and there are 15 plates of every size and shape and 20 mugs, 15 tea spoons knives and forks, enough glasses of all sizes to open up a small bar and gadgets to peel anything from an apple to a human. Pack them and leave the minimum

FOOD..A great time to throw away the mango lemon and banana chutney your aunt Bess made in 1992, or the tins of oily fish for that healthy eating craze in 2001 and not forgetting the Chinese and Indian fads you went on and bought stuff you no longer know what to do with or even what it is. Throw it all out.

FREEZER, now this is the scary bit, I have moved people and they unpack the freezer when I get there! Stress and mess and a lot of out of date stuff. Have a cook the silver foiled surprise parcels you think are chicken and see what you get. That curry you made in 2012 and thought you would eat a week later…its 5 years later and probably still there. Most fridge freezers need to be left standing after being moved for 24 hours so you don’t want a load of frozen fish going off. KETTLE, MUGS, MILK and BISCUITS, DO NOT PACK AT ALL...for obvious reasons :-)

Bedrooms Removals advice

BH Express removals of Bournemouth move everyday. A little help and advice and a few simple tricks to make your move go smooth.

Don’t leave it until the last minute, leave plenty of time. Leave a minimum amount of items in each room. Ornaments and knick knacks are the first things to pack, you don’t need them until you move.

Pack room by room don’t dive in, start with bedrooms, oh, and girls, CLOTHES, SHOES and HANDBAGS…Pack most of it in plenty of time… you can only wear one dress at a time and you only have two feet and two arms:-) 

SHOES: I have given up trying to fathom out why you girls need so many shoes.. (135 pairs is our record) but please girls, pack them safely in strong black bags not the cheap ones....I have had stilletos break out of cheap bin liners from the top of a wardrobe and adjusted itself perfectly in midair to connect with the side of my head.

  • Garden

    Anything that has been in the garden for months and needs dismantling will not be as easy to take down as it was to put up straight from the box. So please give yourself plenty of time to dismantle swings, trampolines, football nets, slides etc. The nuts, bolts and screws will probablyall need a good dose of wd40. I have seen 1000s of ££s worth of such items left or smashed or even cut up with hacksaws (in sheer frustration) to get them out the back garden on the day of the move. Kids crying parents arguing argos rubbing its hands together for your replacement purchases. Attack them all when its dry and in plenty of time.

    The garden parasol and garden chairs are commonly full of water and dirty black smelly water comes out of the tubing so please upend and drain it off days before the move.

  • Flat pack furniture "Important removals advice"

    I along with 95% of all males hate putting up flat packed furniture and when we do we occasionally do not follow or even read the instructions, what do I mean occasionally...ok we NEVER follow the instructions which means it is ok if left alone and not moved but try and move it and it tends to take on a mind of its own and start to move in strange directions until it becomes self flat packed again.

    The problem with most the flat packed furniture, even when the girls put it together (properly) is not meant to be repeatedly taken apart and moved, so unfortunately, if it was assembled in your home it will need to be disassembled to be moved out.

    Luckily we do offer a disassemble and reassembling service

BOXES Removals advice

We move more boxes than anything else and a few useful tips when packing boxes. Please tape boxes securely at the bottom and try and have them so the tops close, if the tops do not close they do not stack. Its not a good idea to place liquids of any kind in boxes unless very clearly labelled. Clearly mark boxes as "fragile" or "this way up" if they cant be turned on their side.

Try and have boxes of similar size and label boxes clearly on the top either colour coded for each room or the room name. Try and allocate one room for all the boxes, you will not be able to assemble your bed/wardrobe etc with the room full of boxes.

Where's it all going?

Most important! Make some sort of a plan, whether it is colour coded or (if the house is too big) simply label all boxes on the top Bed1, Bed2 etc Liv, Kit, Din, etc etc.

That and a piece of paper taped over the top of every doorway labelling the room to correspond with the boxes saves so much time and makes the move so much easier...mainly for the customer.

Otherwise we have to stop and ask where it goes every time we bring a box or bag into the house, which stops you getting on with more important things...finding stop cocks and more importantly, making the tea :-)


They can be every removal mans nightmare.

15 large pots can take up nearly half a luton van and they do not stack. If its been raining or you inadvertently forgot and watered them the night before, they leak dirty muddy water and it tends to smell, not what you want near your nice sofa or soft furnishings. Please try and keep them dry for a few days before the move. I have been asked to move garden pots with 10 foot tress and bushes growing in them.

The biggest van is only 8 foot high so it may be worth pruning anything very large.



Need help to pack?

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